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  1. Introduction to 'Caught in the Net'
  2. Ecology related
  3. Fisheries related

Introduction to 'Caught in the Net'

Caught in the Net is a series of articles about the virtual existence of snakeheads on the Internet. It will cover several topics: snakeheads as food, ecological intruder, aquarium mate, role in biodiversity, and so on. Each article covers passages and links found. Partially, we will link to it. Since the numbers of links is high, and time is rare, we cannot guarantee for its availability. But you may report broken links with this. To be honest, it would be a big help :-)).

Ecology related

Channa as aquaria fish are cool- definitely. But, there is another side of the coin. The ecological intrusion of channa in areas which are not their evolutionary habitats is very harmful, because those enduring predators can eradicate other native species. Sometimes, those situations are evoked by aquarists whose fish outgrew their tank. Yugghhh! If you do not want it no more, give it to zoos or channa friends but do not set it out to local waters!!

Introduction of Channa in the Caspian Sea

An example of irresponsible economic acting in Russia. Channa argus was introduced to Central Asia for breeding it as food fish. And now it kills all the inhabitants of the Caspian Sea. An article documenting the intrusion of Channa argus in the Caspian Sea

The opposite: ecotourism in Russia

Make holidays in the original area of channa argus. In case the dear channa friend would like to be intimate to channa in Russia: Webpage advertising to see channa in wildlife

Introduction of Channa in Madagaskar

Two different sources on the intrusion of Channa striata on Madagascar. Due to this article, it has eradicated some Cichlid species :-( An article on fishes introduced to Madagascar . This source also reports heavy ecological damages due to channa. It has brought several species onto the Red List! Extinction of fishes by alien species introduced to Madagascar

Intrusion of Channa in the USA

A pretty wellknown example of a finding of c. marulioides (marulia?) in Florida due to aquaristic irresponsibility: A report of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission .

The latest example of channa intrusion which became very popular. Somebaody must have brought several channa argus to waters of Crofton. The shocker of Crofton.

Here you can see some pictures of the intruders: External picture gallery on the Crofton incident

For convenience, search Google for this topic: Searching the crofton incident on Google

The result of the whole Crofton story: banning of Channa in the US

This is a report on banning channa in Alabama early year 2002 Report on banning channa in Alabama

This is from the North American Native Fishes Association earlier this year on banning channa: From the newsgroups of the

The banning of Channa in Alabama: The law text of Alabama

The banning of Channa in Arizona: The law text of Arizona

The banning of Channa in California: The law text of California

The banning of Channa in Georgia: The law text of Georgia

The banning of Channa in Nevada: The law text of Nevada

The Australian standpoint towards channa

Queensland has created webpages to display which fishes are fined to be introduced. All channa species are banned in Queensland. What does the government of Queensland think of the introduction of snakeheads. Here is a short description of channa banned in Queensland: A Short description of Channa.

Intrusion of Channa asiatica on the Sulawesi Island

The resettlement policy of Indonesia has brought people to lesser dense areas of that country. The settlers had introduced channa asiatica (? we cannot think of the species to be correctly identified, because c. asiatica is a Chinese fish) to Kalili lake in Sulawesi. Report on the introduction of channa asiatica by settlers in ancient lakes.

Finding Channa striata on Buton Island (Indonesia)

This is an ichthyological reference. It is a reference for the occurence of channa striata, Bloch 1793 on the island of Buton (Indonesia): Habitat reference of channa striata on Buton Island

The appearance of Channa asiatica and Channa striata in Hong Kong seen through the the glasses of biodiversity: The appearance of C. asiatica and striata in H.K.


Fisheries related

Fishing Effort in Cambodia

A paper on a study on catches in Cambodia: channa striata, channa lucia: A study of the collection of ricefield foods from three villages in Cambodia. This paper is the study on the fish market in a part of Cambodia: A study of the collection of ricefield foods from three villages in Cambodia.

Snakeheads angling in Malaysia

If you want to go for snakeheads fishing. What kind of snakeheads can get found in Malaysia? snakeheads for angling in Malaysia .

The world's best place for snakeheads angling

... is still Jean-Francois Helias angling agency in Thailand. Go for a dream ...

Channa striata aqua culture in Southwest China

In the most Southwestern Chinese Province Yunnan which borders to Laos, channa striata is cultured: Reference on culturing channa striata in southwest China

The latest price for Channa maculata to be paic in Hong Kong: What is the price of C. maculata in H.K.?


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