Key to channid species of the Ganges-Brahmaputra River basin

Prachya Musikasinthorn ; Kasetsart University, Thailand

Introduction to the reader

This key is a guide to identify the nine species of channid fishes presently known/described to be distributed in the Brahmaputra River basin, these are Channa amphibeus, C. aurantimaculata, C. barca, C. bleheri, C. gachua, C. marulia, C. punctata, C. striata. C. spec. Assam is not yet included, since it is not yet described. C. amphibeus, C. aurantimaculata, and C. bleheri are considered endemic to that basin.
The brahmaputra streamThe brahmaputra stream and its neighbouring Indian states. In Dibrugarh, Channa like bleheri or aurantimaculata were found.

1 or 2 large scales on each side of lower jaw

Scale absent on lower jaw

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