A list of freshwater fishes of Africa

G.A. Boulenger

So many additions have been made to the African freshwater fish-fauna during the last few years, over 400 new species having been described by myself, that a full list, with a brief indication of the habitats, seems worthy of publication. This list is intended to serve as a basis for a general account of the distribution of these fishes which I am now preparing for the South African Meeting of the British Association.

Merely estuarine forms are excluded from this list.

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  1. Ophiocephalus, Bl. 1793
  2. obscurus, Gthr. 1861; White Nile, Bahr el Jebel, L. Chad, Gambia to Congo.
  3. insignis, Sauv. 1884; Ogowe, Congo.
  4. africanus, Stdr. 1879; Lagos, Niger, Old Calabar.

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This passage was originally under the above title in: The Annals and Magazine of Natural History . Vol. XVI, seventh series, 1905, number 91, pp. 36-60, especially pp. 36, 53.

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