List of fishes collected by Dr. Bashford Dean on the island of Negros, Philippines

David Starr Jordan
Alvin Seale

In the winter of 1900 and 1901 Dr. Bashford Dean visited the Phillipine Archipelago. On the southern shore of the island of Negros he made a considerable collection of the small fishes of the reefs, this collection being sent by him to the United States National Museum. The present paper contains a list of the species (114 in all) obtained by Dr Dean. Plates of the new species were prepared by Chloe Lesley Starks and William Sackston Atkinson, with one each by Mr. Robert L. Hudson, Miss Frances Lauderbach, and Mr. Sekko Shimada.

This collection shows that fish fauna along the shores of the Phillipines is essentially identical with that of the East Indies, most of the species being figured in Bleeker's Atlas. A few species belong to the fauna of India proper, and a few of the distinctive species of the South seas are included. The collection is especially rich in small fishes, the species usually overlooked by collectors. For this reason no doubt the number of new species is greater than would have been expected, and larger than a collection made in the market would show.

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Family Ophicephalidae

Ophicephalus Bloch

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

These passages were originally published under the above title in: Proceedings of the United States National Museum . Vol. 28, pp. 769-803, 1905.

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