In the Chili Garden
Snakehead Thai Style

snakehead (500 g), 1 pc
Vegetable oil, enough for frying fish
Vegetables and green Spice (Thai Basil, fresh Coriander stalks), to be the Garden, hiding away the last time as it alway used to be waiting death to come
Fish Sauce
Lime juice
Red onions chopped ("Cry Baby, cry ...")
Thai Chili Sauce ("lololots of it")
Parsley Chop
1 tsp salt
  1. Prepare fish for frying: scale, gut, wash the fish, marinade it with salt and lime juice, leave it 20 min.
  2. Mix all above ingredients together for a sauce. Taste it, so that it is really hot, in honor for the coolcool snakehead sacrificed. For every person, you need a small pot of it.
  3. Fry fish and make it look pretty on the plate.
  4. Decorate fish with vegetables so that the snakeheads last minutes look nice.
  5. Serve it.
  6. Every time you take a piece of snakehead, dip it into the sauce and say: "Oh mighty snakehead, make me strong as a lion, as healthy as Laotse"! Do not forget this. The Karen People in Northern Thailand/Myanmar believe that a snakehead fish is a reincarnation of a sinner!
  7. "May the mighty snakehead be with you"!