General Features of Chusan with remarks on the Flora and Fauna of that Island

Theodore Cantor ; Bengal Medical Service

4. Pisces. Acanthopterygii. Pharynginae labyrinthiformes.

Ophicephalus argus

O. dorso lateribusque viridi-brunnescentibus, abdomine albo-rufenscenti, ocellis crebis nigris lateralibus, supra lineam lateralem albo-marginatis; pinnis flavis, nigro-maculatis.

D. 49; C. 14; A. 33; V. 1 + 5; P. 16; Br.5

Habitat. Streamlets, esturaries.

Brownish green back and sides, reddish white abdomen. Numerous black ocellated spots edged with which above the lateral line; fins yellow, spottet with black.

Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This text was originally published in the year 1842 as: General features of Chusan, with remarks on the flora and fauna of that island . Published in: The annals and magazine of natural history, zoology, botany and geology, vol. 9, no. 60 p. 484.

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