Sites Containing Channa Information

"Pigmies placed on the shoulders of giants see more than the giants themselves."
Lucan (A.D. 39-65) from The Civil War, Ib. II, 10 (Didacus Stella).

My primal inspirations

I owe much to the following sites: My inspiration, knowledge, bibliographic references.

Stephen Clark's breeding food fish page. Honorable. Ichthyological data base of gigantic size and information

Spike's homepage, the personal site of a Giant Snakehead

Informational Sites found

If you are good in Finnish you may get information from here

This is a page in German which covers some about the unidentified species channa spec. Assam

Wonderful Japanese site for channa Channa Groove Cafe

Another wonderful Japanese site Karoom. The loss of information is bad but the channa marulioides here in the beginning is soo wonderful.