On the freshwater fishes of Burmah . Part II

Francis Day

Ophiocephalus aurolineatus sp. nov.

D. 53. P. 18. V. 6. A. 36. C. 14. L. 1. 66. L. tr. 6.5/14

Length of head nearly 1/4, of caudal 2/13 height of body 2/13, of the total length.

Diameter of eyes 1/5 of length of head, 1 diameter from end of snout, 1 (1/4) diameter apart.

The posterior extremity of the maxilla extends to below the posterior margin of the orbit. Thirteen rows of scales between the orbit and the angle of the praeoperele. Shields on top of head of moderate size.

Teeth numerous, villiform, in jaws, vomer, and palate.

Colour dark purplish black, with an orange stripe commencing at the snout and passing through the eye along the side and above the lateral line to the upper half of the tail.

Hab. One specimen, 3 (7/10) inches, was taken at Moulmein. Although the natives asserted it to be a common species, a second specimen was not obtained. It may prove to be the young of the O. marulius, H. B. , from which, however, it appears to differ considerably.

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This passage was originally published under the above mentioned title in: Proceedings of the scientific meetings of the Zoological Society of London . 1870, pp. 99-101.

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