Caught in the Net: Virtual Snakeheads Food Tour

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Introduction to "Caught in the Net"

Caught in the Net is a series of articles about the virtual existence of snakeheads on the Internet. It will cover several topics: snakeheads as food, ecological intruder, aquarium mate, role in biodiversity, and so on.

Each article covers passages and links found. Partially, we will link to it. Since the numbers of links is high, and time is rare, we cannot guarantee for its availability. But you may report broken links with this. To be honest, it would be a big help :-)) .

A Way to a Snakehead Lover's heart is through the Stomach bets: for seduction, read the following subsections if you plan the next candle light dinner. It will give spice to it!

Open Hearts with a Snakehead Spirited Thai Curry

As you might know, Thai food is famous for its Curries. These are, meat, vegetables cooked in coconut juice and curry paste (hot spicy stinking paste - but I swear: Heaven on Earth! ).

Temple Of Thai offers on its online shop a Curry paste with snakehead fish as ingredient.
Leang Curry PasteLeang curry paste, Mae Sri brand, 4oz $.89 Cook with mushrooms, long bean, pumpkin or squash, and other vegetables to make a nutrious, quick one dish meal. Ingredients: Fish(snakehead), shrimp, onion, rhizome, pepper, sugar,and salt.

You can buy it either toll free (U.S.): (877)519-0709 or via

Seducing Channa Lovers with Soups out in H.K.

This restaurant has been proven to be good by the Sunday Times, 23 May 1999.

It is a Cantonese Soup Restaurant.

The excellency at this soup house is the steamed sang yu slices ($8). Sang yu, or snakehead fish, is getting increasingly hard to find at wet markets. But it is much loved by the Cantonese for its sweet-tasting meat.

Here, the slices are steamed plain and served on a diluted mixture of soya sauce and fragrant oil. Despite its simplicity, the fish tastes excellent, with the sauce rounding out the flavours just enough without making it too salty.

The address is following: Soup Restaurant; 39 Seah Street; Tel: 333-9388. Opening hours: Noon - 2.30 pm, 6 - 9.30 pm

Healing Broken Channa Lovers Hearts with Soups out in Singapore

This restaurant has been proven to be good by The Straits Times, 24 August 1997.

The Me Kong Restaurant opened on the fourth floor of Ngee Ann City. Situated just outside Tangs Studio, where the Italian restaurant Fratini's used to be, the walls have been replaced with glass. For the high volume of human traffic in the shopping centre, there is no missing the bright lights and bustle in the outlet.

The food has a strong Hongkong flavour. The snakehead fish (sang yu in Cantonese) used for the soup is not only sweet, but most Cantonese will tell you it is also helpful in curing all sorts of ailments, including the healing of wounds.

The address is following: Me Kong Restaurant; Orchard Road Ngee Ann City #04-21; Tel: 834-1211. Opening hours: 11.30 am - 3 pm and 6.30 - 10.30 pm.

Wednesdays in Bangkok

The Hendrix @ 26 is said to have snakeheads on Wednesdays.

Chef Paul Quarchioni, who researched fishermans' favourites carefully before making it his Wednesday night special: red snapper, snakehead fish, mussels and shrimp, all fresh from the market. Servings are in a big pot, bubbling on its own stove, and as a side dish there is a garlic and potato puree, which you ladle onto slices of hot toast. It makes a wonderful night out for a couple or group, and is available every Wednesday night. Best book ahead (tel 661 2545) because it's very popular.

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