Remarks on Collections also on a new species of Pheasant, a species of Ambassis and Cestreus, a new genus of Thoracic Fishes

John McClelland

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We have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of a collection of fishes from Mr. Hodgson of Nepal, in which we observe the following species; Ophiocephalus morulius , [ ... ], Ophiocephalus guacha , [ ... ]. We shall be glad to hear from Mr. Hodgson whether these fishes were taken in the valley of Nepal, or at the foot of the mountains; most of the species are similar to those which inhabit the Brahmapootra near the rapids.

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This passage was originally published under the above title in: The journal of the Calcutta Natural History Society . vol.2 pp. 144-152, 1842.

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