Ophicephalus pleurophthalmus Blkr.

Pieter Bleeker

C. pleurophthalma, drawing of Bleeker's atlas, table 397, fig. 3Bleeker's drawing of C. pleurophthalma, taken from his famous ichthyological atlas. If you have it in your channa shelf (several hundred thousands Euros ;-) go for table 397, fig. 3, else thank God, there is an Internet to save this ichthyological memory.
Opic. corpore elongato actice cylindrico positice commpresso, altitudine 6 fere in ejus logitudine; Capite prismatico quadrilatero 3 1/4 circiter in longitudine corporis, aeque alto ac lato; linea rostro-frontali declivi rectiuscula; fronte et et vertice planis declivibus; oculis diametro 6 1/2 in longitudine capitis, diametris 2 fere distantibus; maxilla inferiore dentibus biseriatis, serie externa parvis, seria interna caninis utroque latere p. m. 6; maxilla superiore dentibus dentibus pluriseriatis parvism antice majoribus et caninis untroque latere 2; dentibus palatinis biseriatis, serie externa parvis, serie interna caniusis mediocribus; dentbus vomerinis aliquot conicis cediocribus; rictu sub oculo desinente 3 in longitudine capitis; squamis cycloideis lateribus 50 p.m. in serie longitudinali; linea laterali antice oblique descencente postice ad media latera decuttente; pinnis rotundatis; pectoralibus 2 et paulo in longitudine capitis ventralibus longioribus; caudali 5 et paulo in longitudine corporis; colore corpore superne profunde viridi inerne dilutiore; lateribus macula magna rotunda nigra annulo flavo cincta in linea laterali postice in anteriore dimido corporis; pinnis viridibus vel nigricante-viridibus, caudali media basi macula magna rotunda nigra annulo flavo cincta.

B.5 D. 1/40 P. 1/16 V. 1/5 A 1/30 C. 14 et lat. brev.

Habit. Bandjermassing, in fluviis.

Longitudo specimis unici 350'''.

Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This passage was originally published in: Bleeker, Pieter: Nieuwe Bijdrage tot de Kennis der ichthyologische Fauna van Borneo, met beschrijving van eenige nieuwe soorten van zoetwatervisschen. Descriptiones Specierum Diagnosticae . Natuurkd. Tijdschr. Neder. Indié v. 1. pp. 259-275, 1851. The drawings have originally been published in Atlas ichthyologique des Indes orientales néerlandaises; publ. sous les auspices du Gouvernement Colonial néerlandais par Pieter Bleeker Part VIII, table CCCXCVII, fig. 3, 1878. The publishing on snakeheads.org has been made possible with several very helpful and cooperatives ladies of the Staatsbibliothek Berlin. Thankyou dear ladies of the Stabi, thankyou institution Stabi!

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