A list of freshwater fishes of Sierra Leone

G.A. Boulenger

When describing some new fishes discovered by Mr. N.W. Thomas in these Annals in 1915 (ser. 8, vol xv. p. 202), I observed that the exploration of ther freshwater fauna of Sierra Leone had not received much attention, and that the number of species of fishes with which I was then acquainted amounted onla eighteen. Thanks to further collections made shortly after by Mr. Thomas and quite recently by Mr. A.F. Wingate, the number has now risen to fifty-eight, and it is of interest to give a list of all the species which can now be recorded


Ophiocephalus obscurus, Gthr..

Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This passage was originally under the above title in: The Annals and Magazine of Natural History . Vol. IX, ninth series, 1919, number 19, pp. 34-36

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