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channa stamp All science is either physics or stamp collecting.
- Ernest Rutherford

snakeheads.org runs the world's largest website on snakeheads non-commercially. In respect to Channidae, it promotes information from many areas as for example: science, ichthyology (natural history, taxonomy, ...), aquaristic, ecology, and aquaculture/food. The runners of snakeheads.org are members in two international associations for Labyrinth fish and do run an international working-group on Channa, which is held regularly. A small network with ichthyologist of the world is maintained.

We try hard to gather and distribute information on Channidae. But not only that: people interested in the same topic may participate this network . Therefore we are very happy about contact, information not yet found, questions and so on. You can setup contact here

The runners of this domain are member of the Internationale Gemeinschaft für Labyrinthfische which is based in Germany, Switzerland, and France.

They are also member of:

which is based in Britain.

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